Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Dr. Matthew Harris, our dentist here at Lake of the Pines Dental, has made it his priority to provide many different services. Dr. Harris specializes in many forms of dentistry, including dental surgery. He performs surgeries such as wisdom tooth extractions here in Auburn, California.

Dentists perform extractions at most general dental practices but refer to oral surgeons to perform wisdom teeth extractions. We perform all extractions in the office with the proper techniques and sedation methods. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Details

Our wisdom teeth are the third back molars hidden under the gums until they are ready to erupt. Generally, patients can expect their wisdom teeth to start to show between the ages of 17-25. Although this is the time they are expected to erupt, some wisdom teeth do not erupt in some cases. One reason that wisdom teeth may not erupt is that they are impacted. Impaction means that the tooth is grouting in the jawbone horizontally instead of vertically. If the wisdom tooth does erupt, it may be thwarted by surrounding teeth that crowd the wisdom tooth.

Why get Them Removed? 

Although it might seem great to have four new teeth to use, some severe issues can come when your wisdom teeth are ready to grow in. Below are some of the main reasons why it is recommended for you to get your wisdom teeth removed. 

  • There might not be enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to grow. This can affect the appearance of your smile, making it look more crowded and crooked.
  • If your wisdom teeth erupt vertically, they may break or become damaged by surrounding teeth already in position.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and damage to your sinuses once they start to grow in. Pain in the wisdom tooth area, congestion, and pressure are signs that your wisdom teeth are affecting your sinuses. 
  • Wisdom teeth, if grown fully, are located in a hard-to-reach area which means they accumulate decay and are hard to clean. This increases the likelihood that you will need a dental filling in the future.

There are some cases where wisdom teeth do not need to be removed. These include: 

  • If wisdom teeth have already grown in full and did not cause harm to surrounding teeth. If they are healthy and haven’t changed the anatomy of your smile, they don’t need to be removed. 
  • Before erupting, we can detect whether you have room in your mouth, gums, and jaw bone to hold another four teeth. If there is significant space and no harm will befall you, there is a chance the wisdom teeth can grow in. 

Sedation Dentistry

Choosing to remove your wisdom teeth is a serious and lengthy process. It is a dental surgery. At Lake of the Pines Dental, one of our top priorities is your comfort. To ensure that you are comfortable during the surgery, we administer IV sedation. This medication is given through an intravenous catheter, much like a straw that sits in your veins and delivers medication through the bloodstream. With this medication, you may fall asleep, yet, you can follow directions. With this sedation, you might not be able to remember the procedure.

We also use other standard sedation procedures during wisdom teeth removals. This may include location sedation, which is a shot of Novocain, Lidocaine, or Mepivacaine in the area being treated. Additionally, we may give you nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to relax you before the procedure.

If you are unsure whether you or your child requires a wisdom tooth extraction, contact us, Lake of Pines Dental, in Auburn, California, for a consultation. 


How Sedation Can Help with Dental Phobia and Anxiety


At Lake of the Pines Dental, we pride ourselves on being aware of how our patients feel while in our office and the dental chair. We understand that not every patient that comes to see us is excited about the treatment. Dr. Harris has made it his priority to spend time speaking with and getting to know our patients. This is especially true for patients who have anxiety surrounding the dentist and treatment. To help make our patients feel more comfortable and calm, we offer a couple of different types of sedation methods for deep relaxation. 


Each sedation method that we offer is safe and effective. Below, we have listed three of our sedation methods and a little bit about each one to better understand how sedation works and how it can help you. 

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

Nitrous Oxide is the mildest form of dental sedation that is available to patients. Nitrous Oxide is a gas that is mixed with oxygen. It is breathed, by the patient, through a mask. The medication is given before and during dental procedures. Being a mild form of sedation, you, the patient, will be awake and aware of the entire treatment. Yet, you will be experiencing relaxation. As soon as we remove the mask, Dr. Harris and his team will give you oxygen to reverse the medication. You will be completely aware and able to drive. 

Nitrous oxide can be used on child and adult patients who have anxiety about a procedure or need a little relaxation to make it through their treatment. If you or a member of your family would enjoy this form of sedation, please speak to us about it at your next visit. 

Oral Sedation

Another form of light sedation is oral sedation. Patients will receive an oral sedation pill one hour before the dental appointment. The medication that is often given is Halcion, which is a benzodiazepine. Halcion is in the same medication class as Valium. For more information about how oral sedation can help you, call our office.

We look forward to hearing from you.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is a moderate to deep form of sedation that we offer in our office. Here at Lake of the Pines Dental, we perform more extensive procedures such as root canals and wisdom teeth extractions. These could require moderate to deep sedation for the patient. Right before your procedure, you will receive an IV in your arm, which will administer medicine. An intravenous catheter, or an IV, is inserted with a needle inside a catheter. Once the catheter, like a tiny straw, is placed in the vein, the needle is removed. The catheter will then allow the medication to flow into your bloodstream.

IV sedation is offered in both moderate and deep conscious sedation. With moderate sedation, you will not be unconscious, but you might sleep through your entire procedure. You may be awake but unaware of what is happening in your mouth. With deep conscious sedation, or general anesthesia, you will not be able to follow commands, and you will not remember the procedure. For patients who have severe fear and anxiety around dental procedures, you may benefit from IV sedation. Please express your wants and needs to one of our team members at your next appointment.

Give us a Call 

We care about your comfort in our office and will do anything we can to ensure that you have a positive experience while receiving care. If you believe you would benefit from sedation dentistry, please speak with us about how you feel, and we will help. We are located in Auburn, California, and we are ready to take your call.


Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

After losing a tooth or getting a tooth pulled, there might be anxiety around having a hole in your smile. At Lake of the Pines Dental, our primary goal is to help our patients love their smiles. We help you restore each tooth to make your smile stronger. Dental implants are a very common form of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. This is because dental implants restore your smile and enhance it all at the same time. 

Dental implants are generally made up of three parts. The dental implant includes the post, the abutment, and the crown.  

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

Many things make up a good candidate for dental implants:

  1. It is essential to have healthy bone density. This is because the dental implant post is placed in your jaw bone. It is important to have good jaw bone density for the post to stay in place.
  2. Patients who receive dental implants must commit to good oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash twice a day can protect your teeth from disease.
  3. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants is to visit our Lake of the Pines Dental office.

The Post

The post is made to be the new root of the artificial tooth since it is the foundation of the entire treatment. The roots of our teeth provide stabilization and keep our teeth in the place where they need to be. Implants are a small titanium post that is placed into your jawbone underneath the gums. Think of this like a metal screw placed in your jaw.

The post allows for the entire restoration to be permanently placed into your mouth. When losing a tooth in that specific area, the gums and bone can start to deteriorate due to the lack of stimulation usually given to them through chewing. With the implant, while you’re using your new tooth to chew. Stimulation is being given through the implant to the bone. 

The Abutment

This is the middle part of the dental implant. Although it is not seen, it is essential. The abutment holds together the post and the crown. Although no one will see it, the abutment helps to improve the function of your dental implant.

The Crown, Bridge, or Denture

Many people talk about single tooth implants, but did you know you can replace many teeth with dental implants? The final step finishes the dental implant with either a crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants that support a crown are for single-tooth replacement implants. Those that use dentures or bridges can replace many teeth.

Although the implant is an essential part of the dental implant, the crown, bridge, or denture gives you a completely new beautiful smile. Dental crowns and bridges are made in our office with either porcelain or composite material. Each one gives off a pearly white sheen making it look like a natural tooth. 

In preparation for your dental implant, you will work with Dr. Harris to determine the exact measurements and shade of your new tooth or teeth. Once you have healed from receiving the implant, we will then place the crown, bridge, or denture onto the implant giving you a completely new smile. 

Missing a Tooth? 

Not only do dental implants restore function and health to your teeth, but they also play a significant role in helping you feel confident about your smile again. When you love your smile, you are more likely to smile often, and at Lakes of the Pine Dental, we want to see your smile! 

At Lake of Pines Dental, we can answer any questions you may have about our dental implant procedure by calling our Auburn, California, office. Each one of our dental professionals is happy to speak with you!